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Ignore metadata for photos without GPS

Ignore geolocation for photos which are on null island.
Oto Lukss about 10 hours ago in ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center 0

Survey - Full Screen

Please add the possibility to change the display in the Survery tab to be full screen. It will be very good if it will be possible to view the images in full screen with floating dialog boxes for the points names and the list of images. Attached a...
Michael Kikinzon 16 days ago in ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center 0

Cesium 3D Tiles - LOD off

The default settings when creating a production as Cesium 3D Tiles is with LOD on. The result is a very low graphic quality that keep getting better when zooming into the model. Please add an option to turn off the LOD so a good graphic quality mo...
Michael Kikinzon 8 days ago in ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center 0

Implement the new Saudi Coordinates system KSA-GRF17inside Contextcapture

this is useful for all the projects running in Saudi Arabia because they are implementing this system to link all surveying data to it.

Improve processing speed of Scalable Terrain Model with draped aerial rasters

When we make Scalable Terrain Model be draped with large-size aerial photos, processing speed is very slow, such as zoom in, zoom out, rotate etc.
shan li 4 months ago in Bentley Descartes and ContextCapture Editor 2

Processing Time

When production is finished it is showing the "Processing time". The value is only showing the last session of the engine for that production - not the total processing time. Please change it to be "Total Processing Time".
Michael Kikinzon 5 months ago in ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center 4

CityMapper-2 template

To import from the oblique camera of CityMapper-2, please create the template. This idea is from a Japanese user. • all data (images): Preparing • What mobile mapping acquisition platform was used? --- o Camera system used: --- o Lidar system ...
Guest 3 months ago in Orbit Template 0

[Python SDK] PickPoint function suggestion

Looking for similar to Agisoft pickPoint python methods which finds nearest point on AT points, point cloud or mesh surface. New CC PixelToRay/point3dToPixel functions seems similar to Agisoft unproject function not to pickPoint. This new function...
Oto Lukss 15 days ago in ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center 0

Sea Level / WGS 84

When adding images to a new block there is an option to modify between Sea Level or WGS 84 Ellipsoid. After modifying or not there is no place that it is stated what was selected. We wish to know what was selected in each block.
Michael Kikinzon 6 months ago in ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center 3

Adding overview window into Surveys Tab in ContextCapture for easier photo verification when adding manual tie points.

It would be beneficial to have an overview window when creating manual tie points that shows a 2D ortho view of the surrounding area for easier photo verification. We have sUAS projects that cover wooded and water body areas and it might be severa...
afrc gio about 1 month ago in ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center 0