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Scanner setup name (yellow dot) displayed in the 3D view

Have the option to display the static scanner centre name next to the yellow dot, in the 3D view. It is currently possible to have the scanner name when hovering above the dot, but is very sensitive as it is not working if there is some data (Lida...
Lucas Gigodot 8 days ago in ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center 0 Planned

Add "skip" button when equalizing images

From user:We very rarely use blockwise color equalization when running ATs, so we tediously have to switch that option to 'disable' every time we submit one (the same goes for splats, actually). Unfortunately, whenev​er a different preset option i...
Bruneau St-Jean 9 days ago in ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center 0

Survey point names displayed in 3D View

Could the survey point names be displayed (without needing to hover over points)? (Aerometrex)
Marc Rietman 2 months ago in ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center 0 Planned

Ability to import several point cloud centre positions

When we have to import point clouds with a scanner source position, there is no other choice than doing it one by one. It could save a lot of time to have the ability to import the scan center positions in a batch together with the point clouds, ...
Lucas Gigodot about 1 month ago in ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center 1

Optional Reset picture pose after an unsuccessful AT

The problem is the following : when an AT isn't 100% successful, and some photos are not positionned properly, the user manual suggests to add user tie points to correct the problem. However, this isn't always effective ; in many cases, the proble...

Apply surface constraints to existing productions

Currently you can only apply surface constraints at the commencement of a reconstruction. It would be ideal to be able to review the model, create surface constraints in Editor and then apply those to the existing model as an update.
Jane Hogben 15 days ago in ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center 1

Integration to DroneDeploy

A solution I have been following and reviewing UAV imaging data is the platform DroneDeploy. A very nice well documented APP Developers Portal with instructions including the APIs used for processing the images to various BIM or CAD projects.Data...

Publishing a Vector and his corresponding 3D Tile to Cesium

To create a possibility to publish from CC Editor to Cesium an entire model that include the 3D Tiles and the Design Vector, Mesh or Solid model

To Create a command to show the visible and not visible areas on point if view of a CC Model

The idea is to select a view point and to show the visible and not visible areas with different colors, Tha feature is quite often required and our competitors have it for long time... Please see the attached file discribing the feature. That fea...

set no data as null - Orthophotos

We are currently attempting to make orthomosaics out of the models we’ve created from historical imagery. When outputting the ortho, is there a way to make the NoData value as null? We are wanting it to overlay our current imagery dataset with no ...
Marc Rietman about 1 month ago in ContextCapture Cloud Processing Console 0 Planned