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Improve processing speed of Scalable Terrain Model with draped aerial rasters

When we make Scalable Terrain Model be draped with large-size aerial photos, processing speed is very slow, such as zoom in, zoom out, rotate etc.

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Guest 3 days ago in ContextInsights 0

Processing Time

When production is finished it is showing the "Processing time". The value is only showing the last session of the engine for that production - not the total processing time. Please change it to be "Total Processing Time".
Michael Kikinzon 19 days ago in ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center 1

TouchUp Fill Color

When filling holes in TouchUp Tool the fill color is grey - Please add the option to select a filling color. Another idea is to be able to select different color to different locations.
Michael Kikinzon 20 days ago in ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center 1

Annotations (like in contextshare)

The ability to create, import and export annotations would be very beneficial. Similar to the annotation functionality in Contextshare.
Guest 7 days ago in ContextCapture Viewer 0

Sea Level / WGS 84

When adding images to a new block there is an option to modify between Sea Level or WGS 84 Ellipsoid. After modifying or not there is no place that it is stated what was selected. We wish to know what was selected in each block.
Michael Kikinzon about 2 months ago in ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center 3

Export / Import annotations

It would be good to be able to export and import annotations, that way they can be version controlled by an administrator and enabled to be backed up and rolled back if they were to be accidently deleted or similar.
Guest 7 days ago in ProjectWise ContextShare 0

Read multiple scans from one (1) file

I am regularly delivered e57 files with multiple scans in them. Trying to import the e57 as delivered results in the error message "More than 1 scan in E57 file". Can you please look at supporting multiple scans in one file. It is VERY time consum...

DSM for Ground Extraction

Add ability to create a thematic DSM from ContextCapture Editor after Ground Extraction
Michael Kikinzon 4 months ago in Bentley Descartes and ContextCapture Editor 0