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Bentley Descartes and ContextCapture Editor

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section tool that follows a line

It would be handy to have a section tool that cut a section along a path. Not cutting sections perpendicular to a path, but along one. I recently needed a section for a geotechnical engineer that veered from one bore hole to another. I could see t...

DGN Web-Ready

Please add the option to publish a "Web-Ready" DGN file with Reality mesh and all the elements such as lines, lines strings, point strings and text. The only option now is to publish a Web-Ready 3MX from ContextCapture Master.
Michael Kikinzon 2 months ago in Bentley Descartes and ContextCapture Editor 2

Automatic Synced views

When working with multiple views Selecting a source View and then selecting a different View will zoom the second View to the source location but will keep the View orientation.
Michael Kikinzon 3 months ago in Bentley Descartes and ContextCapture Editor 0

Comeback of Descartes Texture tools

With connect edition, texture tools was deleted from tools. It was very usefull to use with perspective photos. Projection texture is not so powerfull . Please make available again texture tools in Descartes connect edition
Oto Lukss about 2 months ago in Bentley Descartes and ContextCapture Editor 0

Add functionality to produce orthomosaics with arbitrary camera look direction

Modelling vertical cliff faces, I need to produce ortho-imagery where the camera look direction is horizontal. The default nadir imagery does not show the detail of vertical faces due to orientation bias.

Improve the facade ortho images

The facade ortho images created in Descartes (with the 'merge') option are often coming with holes and blurry areas. Several users gave the feedback that these facades orthos are not satisfactory for their usage and delivery
Lucas Gigodot 7 months ago in Bentley Descartes and ContextCapture Editor 0

Drape section limit on surface

When cutting a section through a mesh, the section line is 2d. In an isometric view, it's unclear where the section is. Maybe even hi-light the surface where the section is would help.
Kurt Rasmussen 10 months ago in Bentley Descartes and ContextCapture Editor 1

Pointer syncing between views

Having a pointer position sync feature between windows would be very useful for working with point clouds and other 3D data, particularly when working in Top Down and Cross Section views. This would enable a quick reference between vertical sectio...

OCR in Descartes for MicroStation

Used to have OCR function in Descartes for MicroStation V8i now it's gone in CE. We want it back available in CE please. Thanks
Guest over 1 year ago in Bentley Descartes and ContextCapture Editor 0

Size Limitation creating a Raster Grid from an STM

Using the ground extraction process we can create an STM file without size limitation, but when we try to extract from him a Raster grid, we have a limitation of 50 Million of Pixels. Will be great to cancel that limitation.