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Created by Michael Kikinzon
Created on Mar 17, 2022

DGN Web-Ready

Please add the option to publish a "Web-Ready" DGN file with Reality mesh and all the elements such as lines, lines strings, point strings and text.

The only option now is to publish a Web-Ready 3MX from ContextCapture Master.

  • Oto Lukss
    Mar 22, 2022

    Bentley already has solution to convert DGNs to 3mx but it is for internal use. Just need to release it.

  • Guest
    Mar 21, 2022

    Good Idea indeed, in fact to be able to publish a model over the web using simple technology as for Web ready format, since the usage of iModel.js is relevant only to very technologic companies, the solution need to be simple and accessible by all the regular customers. Maybe through a "publish" Button on CC Editor that will publish all the info including the vector design and the reality Mesh model in to a kind of Web Ready format that could be easily published.