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Disable rotation while measuring

Quick area and volume measurements are not possible because when choosing points fast the view starts to rotate on each click. Need option to disable view rotation or at least introduce a lag after click so it doesn't start to rotate on fast click...
Oto Lukss about 5 hours ago in ContextCapture Viewer 0

TIFF compression

Allow to choose TIFF compression on merge. As merge step uses GDAL to combine tiles why not also add LZW/Deflate(ZIP)/JPEG(tiled) compression option.
Oto Lukss 3 days ago in ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center 0

Decimal accuracy

Need a way to change decimal accuracy in measure tools or 3D view. Now the 6 decimals are too low accuracy for WGS84 and too high for local systems for example if units are in meters then need only 3 decimals with accuracy up to mm not nanometers.
Oto Lukss 5 days ago in ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center 0

Quick volume calculation

Need option to generate quick 3D model or DSM from AT points. If all that is needed is to calculate volume for stockpiles there is no need to generate full model as accuracy from AT points is enough and densified points don't improve results accur...
Oto Lukss 10 days ago in ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center 0

automatic workflow for aerial map processing

I need to automate the processing workflow so that the user can upload the images and, after loading the predefined workflow, the aerotriangulation, 3mx, point cloud and orthophoto outputs are automatically generated without user intervention. Thi...

Overlap Report

Overlap Report after AT that shows the Longitude overlap (minimum 80%) and the Lateral overlap (minimum 50%). The user should have an estimation if the overlap meets the requirements - therefor if more photos should be added somewhere.
Michael Kikinzon 12 days ago in ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center 0 Planned

section tool that follows a line

It would be handy to have a section tool that cut a section along a path. Not cutting sections perpendicular to a path, but along one. I recently needed a section for a geotechnical engineer that veered from one bore hole to another. I could see t...

Change EXIF image altitude reference

When loading images which have been captured using an RTK drone which contain accurate EXIF position data, the ability to set at altitude reference to WGS84 - or ellipsoidal - is only available when initially loading the images. It would be sensib...

GCP marking

When using the potential matches window to mark GCPs, it would be nice if the next image in the sequence - either by distance or name - would be pre loaded into the main window for selection, rather than the user having to select the next image fr...

Solar exposure analysis

Add Solar exposure analysis in Contextcapture Master/Viewer with ability to embed as texture in 3mx/3sm and calculations(sum area). MicroStation included analysis is poorly implemented and does remeshing even of mesh models which reduces accuracy ...
Oto Lukss about 1 month ago in ContextCapture Viewer 0