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give back individual control to start and cancel individual tile reconstruction

In older versions the user could set the limits of a reconstruction and individually select or cancell tiles being reconstructed. THis is very useful when you need to replace one improved tile instead of re-running a whole production. Sometimes mu...

Geocoordination systems - Many of the project systems available in other Bentley products (Microstation) are not available in contextcapture.

Contextcapture does not currently have these other systems easily accessible, what I would be looking for is US State defined systems that are available in Microstation, Descartes, etc. and would look to get these added instead of creating a custo...

Additional geometry constraints.

We have a requirement to orthorectify the full extents of the imagery collected. CC only ortho rectifies to the reconstructions limits. We do have a state wide Aerial Lidar coverage and being able to add the .las format as a geometry constraint wo...
Marc Swartz 14 days ago in ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center 0

Data Export from ContextCapture

We would like a .dgn export of the limits/extent of the reconstruction's area (this should be a closed shape). We have a requirement to orthorectify the full extents of the imagery captured. CC only rectifies to the reconstruction limits. With thi...
Marc Swartz 14 days ago in ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center 0

Create opening in walls as you approach them in ContextCapture Viewer

When using ContextCapture Viewer to look at models with interior spaces it is difficult to 'enter' the interior spaces. When you reach the exterior wall you get stuck in it and navigating through multiple rooms in a building is difficult. It would...
Guest 18 days ago in ContextCapture Viewer 0

pdf tool

123PDFtoImage is a free Pdftoolonline to picture converter programming that showed up very late on the web. Utilizing this device you can change over more Split pdf online records immediately, select between all pages or simply a determination, pi...
OLA WICK 26 days ago in  0

Digital Twin Market Analysis

According to the most recent report by Emergen Research, the size of the worldwide digital twin market is anticipated to reach USD 106.26 billion in 2028 at a consistent CAGR of 54.7%. The growing acceptance of IoT in businesses and the rising use...
Janna Shar 29 days ago in Reality Data Web Viewer 0

Orthogonal View in Spatial Framework Reconstruction

The updated Spatial Framework view is excellent, allowing a much improved user experience. It would be great to have the option for an orthogonal rather than perspective view when drawing manipulating areas of interest.
Guest about 1 month ago in ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center 0

Veterinarian Phoenix AZ

You need the best veterinary doctor in the town to treat your pets. The animal hospitals in Phoenix are the best in offering quite good clinical treatments for pets. They are professionals who duly take care of your pet with proper medication and ...
Joey Parker about 1 month ago in ContextInsights 0

Calculate Digital Human Avatar Market Size

Increasing efforts by customer-centric firms to provide emotionally engaging experience to customers is a key factor driving global digital human avatar market revenue growth
Guest about 1 month ago in Reality Data Web Viewer 0