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Most Popular Plex Plugins That Are Still Working In 2021

A few years back, Plex used to provide these plugins itself but since it suspended official plugin support in 2018, it has become slightly tough to find and install the best Plex Plugins that really work. We know the significance of plugins and th...
Trendto Review 2 days ago in Bentley Pointools 0

Improve the facade ortho images

The facade ortho images created in Descartes (with the 'merge') option are often coming with holes and blurry areas. Several users gave the feedback that these facades orthos are not satisfactory for their usage and delivery
Lucas Gigodot 3 days ago in Bentley Descartes and ContextCapture Editor 0

Set a weight for the AT 'adjustment constraints'

Have the ability to play on the images metadata weight against control points. For example if we want to make sure that the control points take the priority over the metadata in the areas in which the are used
Lucas Gigodot 3 days ago in ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center 0

Keep the "import positions..." settings when importing a new file

It could help the user save some time if when importing images positions and orientation, the settings were kept, such as the folder where to look for the file, the rotation convention...
Lucas Gigodot 3 days ago in ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center 0

Top 10 Diamond Company in India

To complement a woman’s beauty, Diamond is the most sparkling gemstone. Do you know which Diamond company in India contributes the most to enhancing women’s beauty? If not, this blog will be telling you about which diamond company has the highest ...
Trade Flock 4 days ago in ProjectWise ContextShare 0

Did someone block you on facebook? contact facebook customer Service for help

Did you notice someone has blocked you on Facebook? Don’t know the reason why?Want him to unblock you, or the reason behind it. Just stay in touch with us. We with our talented team of Facebook specialists are just for the purpose to help you, mak...
Guest 10 days ago in Reality Data Web Viewer 0

ProjectWise connection

The majority of the images collected are currently stored in ProjectWise however I need to download these images in to ContextCapture Cloud for them to be re uploaded to the cloud for processing. A link between ContextCapture and ProjectWise woul...
Colin McAteer 26 days ago in ContextCapture Cloud Processing Service 0

3d rendering

3D rendering examples the creation of an idea requested by a client it may be a real-world object or an imaginary that represented in a sketch say, architectural, interior design or products.
Guest about 2 months ago in Bentley Pointools 0

Add altitude offset to imported photos

As it turns out some UAVs set absolute barometric altitude as GPS altitude for photos which causes inconvenience with adjusting using GNSS Survey points which are using correct altitudes. What we need is an option to input an known vertical offset...
Oto Lukss about 2 months ago in ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center 0

New API: for retouching

No retouching workflow is supported right now with SDK. Can we support that?
Liang Gao about 2 months ago in  0