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Disable rotation while measuring

Quick area and volume measurements are not possible because when choosing points fast the view starts to rotate on each click. Need option to disable view rotation or at least introduce a lag after click so it doesn't start to rotate on fast click...
Oto Lukss about 5 hours ago in ContextCapture Viewer 0

Solar exposure analysis

Add Solar exposure analysis in Contextcapture Master/Viewer with ability to embed as texture in 3mx/3sm and calculations(sum area). MicroStation included analysis is poorly implemented and does remeshing even of mesh models which reduces accuracy ...
Oto Lukss about 1 month ago in ContextCapture Viewer 0

Show a Key legend of thermal values (color band)

how a color band (key legend) next to the 3D mesh that is made of thermal photos in the 3D viewer.
Guest 2 months ago in ContextCapture Viewer 0

Add point cloud and orthophoto production to be viewed in Contextcapture Viewer

We shall be able to view point cloud/orthophoto production in ContextCapture Viewer (include 3D view tab).
Bruneau St-Jean almost 2 years ago in ContextCapture Viewer 0

Imperial Units of Measure

project should automatically set units of measure from coordinate system assigned
Guest about 2 years ago in ContextCapture Viewer 0

Utilize metadata.xml for georeferenced OBJ

When producing a georeferenced scene in Contextcapture in OBJ, CC generates a metadata XML file, but it is not read by CC viewer, nor by MicroStation. Other softwares have such ability and each use their different approach how to write SRS and its...
Oto Lukss almost 2 years ago in ContextCapture Viewer 0

Measure options in CC Viewer

From URS Corporation Is there a way to measure a path and not a distance. I wanting to measure a curb around a radius.
Bruneau St-Jean about 2 years ago in ContextCapture Viewer 0

Volume perimeter measurement showing in feet instead of yards

Would like to show volume perimeter measurements in feet instead of yards when units are set to Imperial. McVac is measuring volumes and could use perimeter measurement at the same time.
Kurt Rasmussen about 2 years ago in ContextCapture Viewer 0 Already exists

Copy to clipboard option in the measuring tool

Have the possibility to copy X,Y,Z coordinates to clipboard when using CCviewer measuring tool. This would save a lot of time when extracting Reference points for Ground and Aerial merging
Lucas Gigodot about 2 years ago in ContextCapture Viewer 0