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Created by Michael Kikinzon
Created on Nov 8, 2022

Processing Time

When production is finished it is showing the "Processing time".

The value is only showing the last session of the engine for that production - not the total processing time.

Please change it to be "Total Processing Time".

  • Scott Ernst
    Dec 6, 2022

    I would like it to show the total time to finish an initial production including resubmits due to interruption of that processing. It would be nice to see the update processing time after retouching as a separate item.

  • Michael Kikinzon
    Dec 6, 2022

    Hello Sylvain,

    It should show the processing time for the specific production - All the time that the engine was working on the production (include resubmitting and when closing and reopening the engine).


    Michael Kikinzon

  • Sylvain Lotteau
    Dec 6, 2022


    Thank you for your input.

    What should be counted in the "total processing time" and what should be excluded or counted separately :

    • Initial processing

    • Resubmits

    • Production updates (e.g. after retouching)



  • Jacques Buzaglo
    Nov 8, 2022

    indeed Needed!