Layout Change, support multiple screens

Can I put in a request for future builds of Context Capture to have support for multiple screens?​​I've attached a markup , but the main points are:​

Photos able to be 'popped out' into a separate view.​ This separate view would also include the survey points at full height of the window (rather than being cropped at current). ​

Have​the popped out window have an option to display a selected image on the top for tie-point location comparison​ the main screen would​then just be the main photo, and a zoom window.​

Have the zoom window able to be scaled larger. but also allow a change in magnification, and at the actual resolution of the image. I find it tries to interpolate this, or it's zooming in from a thumbnail, so is neve​r as clear as zooming into the main image.​

Change color of image name text or another symbol to indicate all images that have a conf​irmed tie point (keep the tick symbol for the selected survey)​

Allow a change in thumbnail image sizes, and​ also, can we have an op​tion to turn off the automatic zoom into points when selecting a photo? This is great when the surveys are close, but annoying when​ it is nowhere near correct.

  • Bruneau St-Jean
  • May 22 2020
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