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Created by Oto Lukss
Created on May 19, 2020

Perspective in view

As there are still no option to set offset when importing photos with bad GPS altitudes and no option to choose which metadata field from photo to use as altitude then at least there is need to have option to disable perspective in view display. Because if the difference from GPS altitude and Surveyed point is in tens of meters then it is hard to find this point in photos as it is not in list of potential matches. Now with the perspective display even in in vertical view the survey point is "floating" in view display. If it would show correctly in vertical view by horizontal XY coordinates then I could use selection by splat/tie point to find photos where this point is located.

See in this example the Survey point is floating in vertical view when pan because of height difference in 100m. If the perspective would be off then it would stay at least in correct place.

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  • Oto Lukss
    Sep 30, 2020

    Now in U16 it is critical as for mesh editing tool it would be much easier to work if perpective is disabled and walls are straigt and not in perspective. Please reconsider.