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Created by Oto Lukss
Created on Jan 14, 2022

Turn off bumpy roads

I read in documentation:

a reconstruction constraint is used only if there is no other reliable data in the area: wherever reliable 3D information can be inferred from input photos, it will override the reconstruction constraint

So Contextcapture is aware that the data is not reliable but still tries to reconstruct bumps on road markings. Seems need an option to reconstruct 3D model only from reliable data without using constraints as none is needed in Pix4D. (Enhancement request 75969)

Recommended workaround: Use of the touchup tool, and remove/fill holes tool could help to resolve the matter.

Workaround requires manual work when this could be avoided by not using unreliable data. Maybe need special block setting for roads as then the ROI is mostly flat surface and no need to have model noise. Same issue when there are shadows on road from trees then also it introduces noise. Nevertheless Contextcapture produces better mesh model than Pix4D but if result is needed as point cloud then no data(holes) ar better than wrong data as lack of classification doesn't help users to filter it off.

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