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Project team notification of completed cloud processing

Notify team of completed cloud processing so the creator doesn't have to forward Bentley email. McVac is planning to have a field person take photos and upload to cloud for processing. Once completed, someone in office will review results. Curr...
Kurt Rasmussen 9 months ago in ProjectWise ContextShare 0

Backface culling

Possibility to enable/disable the backface culling in the reality data web viewer for indoor models
philippe marciniak 10 months ago in Reality Data Web Viewer 1

Support XMP calibration file from DJI PhantomPro 4

For DJI PhantomPro 4, a calibration file apparently comes as XMP file along with the images. User would like us to support this calibration file
Arnaud Durante 10 months ago in ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center 0

Pointcloud colorization based on related orthophoto

Would like to be able to colorize point cloud in ContextCapture. If aerial lidar point cloud is not colorized there would be need for option to add companion orthophoto took at the same date which could be used as color source. Problem is that it...
Arnaud Durante 10 months ago in ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center 0

Imperial Units of Measure

project should automatically set units of measure from coordinate system assigned
Guest 11 months ago in ContextCapture Viewer 0

set no data as null - Orthophotos

We are currently attempting to make orthomosaics out of the models we’ve created from historical imagery. When outputting the ortho, is there a way to make the NoData value as null? We are wanting it to overlay our current imagery dataset with no ...
Marc Rietman 3 months ago in ContextCapture Cloud Processing Console 0 Planned

Warning message when doing an AT on a very large point cloud

If the user wants to do an AT adjusted on a point cloud, this one will fail (after a substantial time) if one of the point cloud is bigger than approx. 130Mpoints for a 64GB machine.It would be helpfull to have a warning at the beginning of the AT...
Lucas Gigodot 3 months ago in ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center 0

Have the option to set the .las Scale

Setting the .las Scale based on resolution is ok until you land a project that has three levels of UAV imagery, some terrestrial Lidar, and some Ground based imagery. The resulting las tiles had scales from 0.1 to 0.001, we only needed a scale ...
Marc Swartz 3 months ago in ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center 0

OCR in Descartes for MicroStation

Used to have OCR function in Descartes for MicroStation V8i now it's gone in CE. We want it back available in CE please. Thanks

Sizing of report page in Survey

Sizing of the Report page can be vastly improved. The column widths are always unsuitable and the page is too small, meaning manually adjusting those things every time we view the report. (Aerometrex)
Marc Rietman 4 months ago in ContextCapture and ContextCapture Center 0