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Orbit Template

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CityMapper-2 template

To import from the oblique camera of CityMapper-2, please create the template. This idea is from a Japanese user. • all data (images): Preparing • What mobile mapping acquisition platform was used? --- o Camera system used: --- o Lidar system ...
Yasushi Nagao over 1 year ago in Orbit Template 0

FARO Focus 3D S120 Template

FARO Focus 3D S120 exports similar data as Faro iQscene (quaternions) template. But there are misalignments between the point cloud and the photo position. It needs a new template for the system.
Yasushi Nagao over 1 year ago in Orbit Template 0

Template required for Miramap CityMapper-2 Oblique

Template required for Oblique images created by the firm MiramapUsed camera system is Leica CityMapper-2. Coordinates are in RD New (CRS 28992), units in meters. I have divided the images into four subfolders for each camera (forward, backward, le...
Arthur van Bijleveld 9 months ago in Orbit Template 0

Template for Custom Mobile Mapping System

Mapping resource template is needed for a custom mapping system. The photo position file is attached.
ibrahim alkan about 1 year ago in Orbit Template 0